Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A Remembrance: Hanna K. Still

"Deep within each of us we know where our life fulfillment lies.  We may not have spelled it out dictionary-pure.  But we know where we want to arrive.  I aimed to arrive at that place which many paths define as spiritual fulfillment, enlightenment, the path.  Fulfillment for me is to experience the spiritual truth of any moment.  There again, an inner Voice informs us and we experience the land of Knowing."     

-- Hanna K. Still  1925-2012

Last Sunday, I listened to people share stories about the many ways Hanna Still had influenced their lives and our community.  It was a heartfelt experience for me and hundreds of others in the church who were blessed to know this extraordinary woman.

When I was working for Wellsprings Friends School, I enjoyed some long conversations with Hanna at her home as well as brief talks during her many visits to the school and at Board meetings I attended.  The times I went to her home to talk privately were especially meaningful to me.  When I was with her, I felt touched by her soulful presence and her beautiful spirit.  She always listened intensely to what I had to say and spoke her views with deep conviction.  

I'm grateful for the time I was able to be with Hanna and for all the wisdom she shared with me.  May I carry my memories of her and her rich life legacy with me for the rest of my days.


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