Monday, May 21, 2012

An Obituary With A Wish for Us All

I read an obituary in The Sunday Oregonian yesterday that delightfully captured the essence of the man:

"Ever the warrior philosopher.  With a laugh so infectious it reverberated and engaged.  A walking contradiction, who would proudly declare, 'It has never been my aim to be conventional,' and that is what guided his life."

His obit concludes:

"In lieu of flowers, to honor Axel do something unconventional or love someone deeply, or fix something with the proper tool or take utter delight is something small, or throw your head back and laugh with glee and gusto.  We will forever miss you, our dear one.  The rainbow will be brighter with your spirit.  Auf wiedersehen."

How would you like people you leave behind to honor you after your death?


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1 comment:

Gunnar Berg said...

"... fix something with the proper tool..."

It is amazing how many times the proper tool is simply caring.