Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"Don’t Wait to Say What Needs Saying"

I've been away from this blog for several months and, after reading a column by Bob Welch in our local newspaper last week, I decided it was time to share his words that reminded me of a key part of an ethical will.

I was especially moved by these words from Bob's column on "Passing over life's rumble strips:"

"Time passes. The world changes. The unexpected happens.

And for me, the lesson seems to be: Don’t let things go unsaid.

But too often, I do. I get so wrapped up about getting where I need to be that I overlook where I am and where I’ve been.
I too often miss the observation that my mother — at 85, still traipsing off to the coast for contemplative stays — makes about appreciating what we have.
“We can enjoy an event in three ways,” she said. “While looking forward to it, while we’re in it and while we look back on it.”
I too often miss the wisdom from author Ann Voskamp, in her book “One Thousand Gifts,” about living each day with thankfulness.
Thankfulness, she says, leaves no room for bitterness.
Ah, but you can’t wait for the muse, she warns. You have to be proactive. Have to think it, say it, claim it — before it’s too late."
Wisdom worth taking to heart every day whether or not we ever write and share an ethical will with our family and friends.

I've been reading Bob Welch's articles and columns since moving to Eugene in the late 80's.  His humanity and humor make him one of the best columnists I've read as a lifelong newspaper reader.

Thank you, Bob, for all stories you've written over the years about people in our community, your experiences as a father and grandfather, and the many places you've been in Oregon and the Northwest.  I'm grateful for all of the laughter, tears, and joy you've brought to my life.  Best wishes for many more years of writing columns and books that make a difference in the world!
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Gunnar Berg said...

I know a couple of SOBs that I should set straight ASAP. Thanks for the reminder.

Todd Peterson said...

Glad to be of service, Gunnar. Always good to be thankful for SOBs who help clarify where you stand in the world. Even if they can't hear you!