Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time for a "New Look"

Since starting this blog four years ago, I haven't changed the "look" of the layout and color schemes. It's time for a more expansive layout that uses the whole screen page (which I find easier to read as my eyes age) plus allows larger photos and video screens.

I expect to begin writing more often about life legacy issues as my other work projects slow down in June for the summer.

Let me know what you're thinking about in regard to your life legacy or for creating your ethical will.

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Gunnar Berg said...

New looks, new times. Marking the passage of time. It's time to start over again, to celebrate my upcoming 65th.

Milestones: birth, entering school, graduation from school, marriage, children, retirement, the slow melding of our markers with those of the next generations.

Todd said...

And when is that 65th celebration? Are you going to "start over" by painting (un-seriously) again?

Guess the only major milestone we have left is the big "d" -- back to dust -- and perhaps a big surprise. Not anxious to get there but curious about "what next?"

Gunnar Berg said...

I'm going to paint again. Just for myself. I doubt I'll post anything, I just need to get a few things out of my system.

I thought about death, that next milestone. I'm ready. Life been good. It's when I realized that Addy's markers and her children's markers were more important to me now. Instinct is amazing. I'd give up my life in a heartbeat without a second thought, to help a generation yet unborn and unknown. Nothing noble, just mother nature telling me to help pass on the gene pool.

Gunnar Berg said...

On your "what's next?". I'm quite certain that it's just death. I'm comfortable with that.