Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Long View

This morning I heard an interview with Desmond Tutu on NPR's occasional series called "The Long View." Great interview ... as are many of the others in the series. Hearing Tutu's words reminded me that I had not written a blog post on life legacies for a long while.

For the past year and a half, I've been busy with a half-time job as Outreach & Development Director for a local alternative high school. It has been great fun being with teenagers on a regular basis (to complement my time with older adults). I started a blog for the school and have written most of the posts). Along the way, I've updated the school's website and learned a lot about social networks (joining Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, and Picasa Web Albums). Not exactly what I expected to be doing the year I turned 65! Guess I needed to challenge my brain with lots of new technology, creative writing, and photography -- "accidentally" adding another chapter to my life legacy.

What unexpected changes have happened in your life that have added new "chapters" or life lessons to your life? And, if you were interviewed for "The Long View," what would you want to share with NPR's listeners (and everyone in your life)? Your comments are welcomed.
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Gunnar Berg said...

NPR: "What things of significance happened to you in the past year?"

Me: (long pause)(still pausing) "I had to get a new car."

Gunnar Berg said...

And I hope to live long enough to see the sandhill cranes in Nebraska on Easter and make it to my 65th in May.