Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life Legacy of Randy Pausch (Died July 25, 2008)

Last Friday morning, Randy Pausch died at the age of 47 after outliving his prognosis by several months. Jeffrey Zaslow who collaborated with Randy on The Last Lecture book and wrote the first article about him in the Wall St. Journal last September offered a heartwarming obituary.

I watched Diane Sawyer's Celebration of Life for Randy on Tuesday night. It was a worthy tribute to the man, his family, and all that he shared with the world during the last months of his life.

My hope is that Randy Pausch's message -- to live your dreams and share what really matters in your life with your loved ones -- will inspire millions of people to take action. To create their own ethical will -- to present their own "last lecture" -- without having to receive a terminal diagnosis from their doctor!

May the blessing Randy Pausch gave his children, his wife, his students and colleagues live on with them and all who were touched by his presence in the last month's of his life.
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