Friday, December 28, 2007

Helen Luke on "Wisdom"

At the age of ninety, Helen Luke said:

"Wisdom consists in doing the next thing you have to do. Doing it with your whole heart and finding delight in doing it. And the delight is the sense of the sacred."

Although I haven't seen it yet, a 75-minute video called "A Sense of the Sacred: A Portrait of Helen M. Luke" is available from Parabola. Years ago, when I was working as a counselor, I read her book, "The Way of Woman: Awakening the Perennial Feminine." She gave me an understanding of a woman's journey to the "deep feminine" to claim her own power and communicate her message to the world.

I recall reading that Helen asked people who came to her seeking guidance about the deeper significance of their life:

"What kind of story is yours going to be?"

Great question! The kind of question to ask yourself when creating an ethical or spiritual will.

Thank you, Helen, for all the wisdom you shared while you were in this world (and continue to share in the video and in your books).

NOTE: If you prefer to read about Helen Luke instead of watching a video, you may want to read "Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On: The Autobiography and Journals of Helen M. Luke".
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