Monday, October 02, 2006

Another Revealing Question: Your "Free" Time?

Along with Mark Albion's question in my previous post, another great question to clarify your values is:

"How do I spend my 'free' time -- the time I take just for myself?"

When I ask the question in a class, sometimes people say, "I don't have any free time" or "I can't possibly take any time for myself!" -- both of which are revealing of a person's self-valuing (or, at least, of their level of busyness!).

More often than not, I see a person's core values expressed in their avocations, their hobbies, their volunteer activities, and other "free-floating" activities of their lives. Many people, of course, have jobs or careers that allow them to express their most important values every day in their work. For others, family life fully expresses their core values.

Ask yourself what you were doing the last time you had some "free" time (hopefully, as much as you want!). Were you at your art table creating beauty? Were you reading to a youngster? Were you in your garden? Were you learning something new you were curious about? Were you giving a speech about global warming? Were you volunteering in New Orleans, India, your neighborhood, or your church?

Was whatever you were doing with your "free" time putting one or more of your most important values into practice?

May you be blessed with an abundance of time in your life to express your heart's desire!
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