Sunday, July 23, 2006

Poetry in Your Ethical Will

When I read Julia Kasdorf's poem What I Learned from My Mother (from her book, Sleeping Preacher) in our local newspaper recently, I thought "what a great poem for an ethical will!".

Here's a link to Kasdorf's poem which Ted Kooser, U.S. poet lauerate, included in a recent "American Life In Poetry" column:

What I Learned from My Mother

It inspired me to think about adding a few poems that I've written over the years to my ethical will. That means digging through old journals to find poems that I'd like to include. It could take awhile but may be just what I need to get them "organized" (or, at least see if there are poems I'd like to keep for future reading "when I get old").

Have you included poems you've written in your ethical will? Or some prose writing from earlier in your life? Let me know if you have. And, if you're willing to share what you've written, please e-mail me or add your poems to our blog "comments".
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Dr. Bernard J. Baca said...

Kosser's peom about what he learned from his mother once again points that it's the "little things" that are the most meaningful in one's life. The notion of healing oneself through providing to those who have lost loved ones such a powerful image; healing the self through true love of another. This love is not grandiose, it merely serves another in some small seemingly insignificant way